The survival school

A brochure presented as a comic book titled: "The survival school" has been prepared in order to disseminate the knowledge among children about emergencies that are likely to occur in our surroundings.
The nature of the booklet is educational and provides information on the fire safety, emergencies caused by flood, strong wind, thunderstorm as well as toxic substances.
This also provides information on preparing the safety plan as well as the rules of alarming the rescue services.
The brochure educates how a child should behave in case of emergency. The booklet is addressed for children aged 6 to 13, who would like to know how to behave in case of emergency that is likely to happen in everyday life.
It is recommended that children who do not have the ability to read should be familiarized with the brochure by someone who is able to read it.
The booklet contains 16 pages of an A4 format.

The plot of a booklet:
A group of scouts are on holiday, camping at the lake. They receive a weather warning about incoming strong wind and thunderstorm from a Crisis Management Centre.
A team leader decides to evacuate the group from the campsite. While driving back the scouts are discussing how to behave in case of emergency. They are telling the stories about dangerous situations in which they took part and they are considering how to behave when a�child has to deal with a danger.

A few of pages the brochure is characterized for:

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